Internet and technology addiction on the rise

Learn about the addictions associated with the use of Internet, Wi-Fi, mobile phones (Nomophobia means No mobile phone phobia), smartphones, tablets, computers etc. How they can have negative effects on behavior and socialization and lead to depression, anxiety, attention deficit and other mental disorders.


Addictions related to internet and mobile phone use, are global and apply to all age and social groups and are now classified as a new psychiatric disorder.

Experts and researchers argue that continued and heavy use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. has negative effects on behavior and socialization and is associated with depression, anxiety, shrinking attention and other mental disorders.

Those addicted to technology live in a virtual reality, losing touch with real life. Their brains are now accustomed to the constant stimulation from online work and are unable to adapt to the slower pace of life offline.

Abroad, rehabilitation clinics which accept even 12 year old children have opened their doors since 2009.

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