How to Choose High and Low Frequency Combination EMF Meters and Packs

Are there meters that measure all basic types of radiation? Which are the best? Why you should choose such a type of meter and why you should avoid it. How to alternately choose a combination of meters to measure high and low frequency electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

If this is not the type of meter you are looking for please check our separate guides on high frequency meters (measure radiation from from cordless phones, wireless modems (Wi-Fi), cell phone masts etc), low frequency meters (measure radiation from cables, power lines, transformers etc) radioactivity meters (measure radiation from radon gas, granite counters, nuclear accidents etc) or check the frequently asked questions about electromagnetic field meters!

Is There Really a Meter That Measures All Types of Radiation?

Well, this is what every amateur user is looking for when searching for a meter.

One meter that will measure:

  • low frequency magnetic fields (non ionizing radiation from power lines, transformers etc)
  • low frequency electric fields (non ionizing radiation from electrical cables, devices, etc)
  • high frequency electromagnetic fields (non ionizing radiation from wireless phones, cell phones masts etc)
  • radioactivity (ionizing radiation from nuclear power, granite tiles, soil etc)

So far there are not any meters that measure all types of radiation but there are meters that measure only non-ionizing radiation (the first 3 types above), the basic artificial electromagnetic fields that are the main part of electrosmog today.

So when we refer to combination meters this is what we mean: all major types of radiation except radioactivity.

Do Combination Meters Work?

Combination meters are great because you only need one to carry around for your basic emf measurements.

Additionally, they usually cost a lot less compared to buying 2-3 different meters to do the same measurements.

On the other hand combination meters tend not to perform well in all types of measurements.

Sometimes their performance in specific measurements is really terrible, so try to read the specifications and our comments in the comparison tables at the end of this article before you decide to buy one of them.

The only combination meter that seems to perform well in the 3 basic measurements (low frequency electric and magnetic, high frequency electromagnetic) is the new Trifield TF2 meter.

What Do Experts Say About Combination Meters?

The German Consumer Protection Organization (WILA Bonn) commissioned IMST GmbH (an accredited EMC testing facility in Germany) to test low cost meters.

The German report Electrosmog meters put to the test concluded that:

“It is good to maintain a healthy skepticism toward offers that promise amazing performance at extremely favorable prices.

And it is always good to remember that professional testing equipment never combines RF and ELF measurement probes in one single meter or fits an RF antenna into the meter casing.

Antennas/probes that are integrated into the meter casing are also a great source of errors.

Prefer meters with a digital display and an external measurement antenna. A highly directional logarithmic-periodic antenna (which looks like a Christmas tree or fish skeleton) is very useful in determining the direction from where the RF radiation originates."

So this means that combining more antennas or sensors to a small casing makes the measurements problematic.

This is especially true for high frequency measurements where an external, directional or isotropic antenna makes a huge difference.

What Do We Recommend?

For practical and for economic reasons you can buy a combination meter.

Combination meters are also a good choice when you want to buy an introductory meter to understand basic measurements, before you buy a better meter. Choose a combination meter from the comparison tables below.

For more correct, accurate and reliable measurements you should invest in separate higher quality meters.

This is especially true for professional users, who will also make a bad impression to their clients when performing all the measurements with only one meter.

For those who want to really measure electromagnetic fields, we suggest you choose one of the meters packs presented below.

The list of high and low frequency meter packs is not exhaustive, you can create your own pack based on your needs.

You can see all the meters you can combine in the low frequency meters and high frequency meters articles.

The packs are presented starting with those that offer the most features to those that offer the least ones.

Some companies like Gigahertz Solutions, offer better prices for their packs compared to buying each of their meters individually.

Triple Axis Low Frequency Magnetic with Data Logging / Triple Axis Low Frequency Electric / High Frequency Electromagnetic

Best Pack

NFA1000+HFE59B (directional and omnidirectional antenna - also offers data logging for high frequency measurements)

Price:~ 3500$ (sold with 250$ discount as ELECTROSMOG MEASURING KIT MK70-3D)

Economic Pack

NFA1000+HFE35C (directional and omnidirectional antenna)

Price:~ 2700$

Triple axis low frequency magnetic with data logging / Single axis low frequency electric / High frequency electromagnetic

Best Pack

NFA400+HF59B (directional and omnidirectional high frequency antenna - also offers data logging for high frequency measurements)

Price:~ 2800$

Good Packs

NFA400+HFE35C (directional and omnidirectional high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 2000$

NFA30M+ME3030B+ HFE35C (directional and omnidirectional high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 1600$

Economic Packs

TM-192D+ GM3120+HF35C (directional high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 550$

TM-192D+ GM3120+TM195 (triple axis high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 450$

TM-192D+ GM3120+ED-15C (single axis high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 340$

Triple Axis Low Frequency Magnetic / Single Axis Low Frequency Electric / High Frequency Electromagnetic

Good Pack

MT-263+ ME3030B+HF35C (directional high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 710$

Economic Packs

TM-190 and Trifield TF2 (single axis high frequency antenna) These are the only combination meters that can fit to this category alone!

Price:~ 200$

Single Axis Low Frequency Magnetic / Single Axis Low Frequency Electric / High Frequency Electromagnetic

Good Pack

ME3030B+ HF32D (directional high frequency antenna)

Price:~ 350$ (sold with 30$ discount as ELECTROSMOG MEASURING KIT MK10)

In this last category where we are looking for only basic features, we can indeed do our work also with the combination meters that follow.

Check all combination meters in the comparison tables below:

Combination EMF meters

They measure all 3 basic types of manmade radiation (low frequency magnetic fields, low frequency electric fields, high frequency electromagnetic fields). They are cheap compared to buying multiple meters, practical and handy.

  •   Model
  •   Manufacturer
  •   Average price
  •   Review
  •   Antenna/Sencor
  •   Low frequency range (Hz)
  •   High frequency range (MHz)
  •   Units of measurement
  •   Measurement range low frequency magnetic field
  •   Measurement range low frequency electric field
  •   Measurement range high frequency electromagnetic field
  •   Signal
  •   Data logging
  •   Display
  •   Backlight Display
  •   Audio signal
  •   Audio alarm
  •   Accuracy
  •   Battery type
  •   Battery life
  •   Low battery indication
  •   Auto power off
  •   Carrying case
  •   Calibration service
  •   Warranty
  •   Instructions of use
  • Trifield TF2
  • Alphalab (USA)
  • $170
  • The new Trifield meter is a cheap combination meter (Triple axis low frequency magnetic – Single axis low frequency electric – Single axis high frequency electromagnetic). Unlike the previous Trifield models (100XE etc) which were worthless for high frequency measurements (they only detected vey high radiation values), the new TF2 has good sensitivity. Also the new Trifield meter has now a digital display.
  • Triple axis low frequency magnetic / Single axis low frequency electric / Single axis high frequency electromagnetic
  • 40-100000
  • 20-6000
  • mG, V/m, mW/cm2
  • 0.1 -100 mG (=10-10000nT)
  • 1-1000 V/m
  • 0.001 - 19.999 mW/m2 (1-19999 μW/m2)
  • Digital
  • +/- 4% for low frequency magnetic, +/-5% for low frequency electric, +/- 20% for high frequency electromagnetic
  • 9V battery
  • Backlight Off > 20 hrs Backlight On > 12 hrs
  • 1 year warranty from EMFields
  • TM-190
  • $200
  • Cheap combination meter similar to the new Trifield meter! Again this meter also probably has its own problems, since according to the WILA Bonn report, another Tenmars model, the TM-196, could not detect many sources in the specified frequency range or showed abnormally elevated values...
  • Triple axis low frequency magnetic / Single axis low frequency electric / Single axis high frequency electromagnetic
  • 50-60
  • 50-3500
  • mG, μΤ, V/m, mV/m, V/m, μA/m, mA/m, μW/m2, mW/m2, μW/cm2
  • 0.02-2000mG or 2-200000nT
  • 50-2000V/m
  • 0.02-554000μW/m2 (according to the WILA Bonn report, another Tenmars model, the TM-196, could not detect as low as 3.6 μW/m2 but only from 41 μW/m2, which is not acceptable for Building Biology standards)
  • RMS
  • Digital
  • Magnetic ±(15%+100dgt), Electric ± (7% + 50dgt), Electromagnetic: ± 2dB at 2.45GHz
  • 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery*3.
  • ~8 hours


Why you should pay attention to our recommendations

Home Biology is run by engineers who perform electromagnetic radiation measurements for a living.

We know what features you to need to look for when buying an EMF meter, so that you can easily and reliably take the necessary measurements, without overspending.

We recommend EMF meters that offer all the basic features with a reasonable price, are simple to use, have easy to read English manuals and/or videos and are sold by trusted sellers.

This website is affiliated with the sellers presented, meaning that we earn a commission every time someone buys a meter coming from our website. This does not in any way affect our judgment when choosing the meters to recommend. Those sellers sell also many other meters which we do not recommend because they do not fill our criteria.

Found another meter?

Please check before you buy if this meter fills all the criteria mentioned here. The frequency range, the measurement span etc. Since we frequently scan the market for new meters it is likely that we have rejected this meter for some reason.

In case you find a meter that does tick all the boxes and has a lower price go ahead and buy it! And we would appreciate if you would let us know so we can add it to our catalogue.


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