How Are EMFs and Sleep Connected & Innovative Ways To Treat Insomnia


  • Research shows a delay of sleep, reduction of the duration of deep REM sleep and decreased melatonin production due to electromagnetic fields from power lines, wireless devices etc.
  • The rise of electrosmog in recent years coincides with the great increase of sleep problems.
  • Insomnia is connected with numerous health problems and it is crucial to avoid it during the current COVID-19 outbreak as it impairs immune response.
  • Man made electromagnetic fields are connected to insomnia possibly due to melatonin disruption and or brainwave entrainment of unnatural high frequencies.
  • The earths natural electromagnetic fields has similar frequencies to the ones that occur in the brain during sleep or stress-free situations.
  • Delta waves (0,5 - 4 Hz) which are produced during deep sleep are the most important for recovery and maintenance activities.
  • Unnatural electromagnetic fields with frequencies of up to billions of Hz drown out the natural extremely low frequencies affecting our ability to relax.
  • We can protect our sleep from harmful EMFs by removing or replacing nearby radiation sources.
  • We can shield our bedrooms by using EMF shielding paints, bed canopiesfabrics, window films and other materials.
  • EarthPulse and Neorythm are Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device which can tune the brain to the natural frequencies produced during sleep.

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Insomnia skyrocketed...

In recent years insomnia has taken epidemic proportions (in the US, there is reports of sleep problems by 62% of the population[1], although we now sleep in comfortable mattresses and are protected from the weather).

This phenomenon is particularly worrying since people with insomnia problems have:

  • Decreased immune response[2]
  • Elevated levels of stress hormones[3]
  • Reduced learning ability[4]
  • Reduced serotonin secretion[5] (associated with depression and other psychological disorders[6]), leptin[7](hormone regulating weight), melatonin (which protects the DNA) and growth hormone (which helps to maintain muscle and bone mass)
  • Greater predisposition to cancer[8], heart attacks [9] and diabetes


Why is it more important to get a good sleep during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Eric J. Olson, M.D. ( [11]) explains:

"Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold virus.

Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep.

Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you're under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines.

In addition, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced during periods when you don't get enough sleep."

Research on the sleep inhibiting effects of EMF

  • Insomnia is considered to be a likely impact of electromagnetic fields exposure from power cables (Graham, Cook [xii]) and tv broadcasting antennas (Alpeter[12]).
  • The pulsed radiation from mobile phones and other wireless devices delays sleep and reduces the duration of the deep REM sleep (Mann [13],[14], [15] Huber [16])
  • At least 3 epidemiological studies have already linked the presence of cell phone masts with sleep problems in the neighboring population (Santini[17], Bortkiewic,[18]Abdel-Rassoul [19]
  • Sleep problems in electromagnetically polluted areas are also reported by people with electrohypersensitivity[20], a condition that researchers say could affect 50% of the population (Hallberg[21]).
  • “900-MHz (from cell phone masts) and 60-Hz (from power lines) EMF affect melatonin metabolism and the circadian rhythm.”(Aymen[22])
  • Researchers at Wayne State University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm concluded that "during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected." and that "mobile phone use is associated with specific changes in the areas of the brain responsible for activating and coordinating the stress system."[23]
  • “Frequency of cordless phone calls, mobile phone dependency, and tablet use were related to an increase of subjective and objective sleep problems in adolescents” (Alba Cabré-Riera[24])

Are females more sensitive to EMFs?

  • “With regard to RF-EMF effects on human sleep it seems that gender matters since GSM900 (cell phone masts) and TETRA (police antennas) led to significantly more exposure effects in females.”(Heidi Danker-Hopfe[25])
  • Sleep disturbance, latency and day dysfunction was more in cases especially females (correlation between the hours of usage of mobile to sleep pattern and quality). A significant association of hours of usage and sleep indices were observed in both genders. Evening usage of mobile phones in cases showed a statistically significant negative association. Students using mobile for >2 hours/day may cause sleep deprivation and day sleepiness affecting cognitive and learning abilities of medical students” (Saxena Yogesh[26]).

How can man made electromagnetic fields cause insomnia?

There are 2 main theories about the connection of EMF with insomnia:

  • EMFs can cause melatonin suppression during sleep (similarly to the effect of light).
  • Man made EMFs have vastly higher frequencies (50-10000000Hz) than the earth's natural electromagnetic fields which have shaped human brainwaves (0,5-12 Hz brain waves in relaxed state) and this interferes with our ability to relax.

The melatonin theory

Several studies investigating the effect of electromagnetic fields on melatonin synthesis have shown a suppression of melatonin synthesis. 

  • Researcher R J Reiter from the Department of Cellular and Structural Biology, University of Texas Health Science Center explains this in his publication “Electromagnetic fields and melatonin production”[27]:

The pineal gland, which in humans is located near the anatomical center of the brain, is normally responsive to visible electromagnetic fields (i.e. light) since the eyes are functionally connected to the pineal gland by a series of neurons.

Normally, the pineal gland produces low amounts of melatonin during the day and high amounts at night; this rhythm is reflected in the blood melatonin concentrations which are higher at night than during the day. In both man and lower mammals, their exposure to light at night is followed by a drop in pineal melatonin production and blood melatonin levels.

Likewise, exposure of non-human mammals to sinusoidal electric and/or magnetic fields as well as pulsed static magnetic fields often reduces pineal melatonin production.

Melatonin has many functions in the organism and any perturbation (not only electromagnetic fields) which causes levels of melatonin to be lower than normal may have significant physiological consequences.

Melatonin, because it is a potent antioxidant, may provide significant protection against cancer initiation as well as promotion.

  • Researchers from the University of Melbourne[28] reached the same conclusion: “The pineal gland is likely to sense EMFs as light but, as a consequence, may decrease the melatonin production. the results show the significance of disruption of melatonin due to exposure to weak EMFs, which may possibly lead to long-term health effects in humans.
  • In the publication “Influence of Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields on the Circadian System: Current Stage of Knowledge” researchers conclude that: “Despite divergences in the reported results, ELF-MF and radio frequency electromagnetic field have to be considered as factors possibly influencing the circadian system function, because a substantial number of studies demonstrated the changes in melatonin and cortisol secretion as well as in sleep after exposition to these fields.[29]”

The EMF interference / noise / brain-wave entrainment theory

The human brain evolved in the presence of natural electromagnetic fields which have in turn shaped its electromagnetic activity. 

Delta, Alpha and Theta waves (0,5-12 Hz) are produced in our brains during sleep and relaxing conditions have some similarity with the natural Schumann waves produced on the earth.

The brain is now unable to identify this beneficial natural extremely low frequency radiation. Our brain is exposed to much stronger artificial electromagnetic signals at frequencies ranging from 50 Hz (mains) to billions of Hz (eg. cell towers), which seems to cause the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and contributes to the complete failure of relaxation.

Are healthy brain waves morphed by natural electromagnetic fields?

Schumann, a German physicist, discovered in 1952 that there is a resonant cavity between the earth's surface and the ionosphere containing a frequency modulated electromagnetic field in the spectrum from below 1 Hz to more than 100 Hz, with the dominant frequencies below 14 Hz.

The highest amplitude peak is 7.8 Hz, a frequency which is usually called "The Schumann resonance frequency”, but Schumann resonance is a spectrum of frequencies with the majority of its amplitude below 15 Hz, and with peaks also at around 1 and 2.5 Hz.

Lewis B. Hainsworth was the first researcher that recognized the relationship of brain wave frequencies to Schumann’s Resonances [30].  

The main Schumannn frequencies are similar to the ones that occur in the brain during sleep or stress-free situations, as observed through electroencephalography or EEG graphs (performed by placing electrodes on the scalp and record the rate of repetition of brain waves, called frequency and measured in cycles per second or Hz = hertz).

Why are delta waves (0,5-4Hz) the most important?

  • Delta waves are produced during deep sleep, when energy demand for supporting the body is at its lowest.

The heartbeat slows, breathing slows, brain activity is minimal and therefore delta-rhythm sleep is the only time the body can use any excess energy for the physiological and psychological recovery and maintenance activities.

Not enough Delta sleep (2 hours minimum, 3-4 hours optimum) and there is simply not enough pooled energy to perform sufficient restore & repair processes, which eventually leads to impaired immune function, premature aging and increased chance of diseases of all etiologies.

According to researcher Dr. Eve Van Cauter complete lack of Delta-rhythm for as little as 3 nights caused healthy college students' glucose profiles to look pre-diabetic and leptin levels to drop significantly causing hunger and higher caloric intake.

  • Theta waves (4-8Hz) predominate during REM (rapid eye movement) or light sleep.
  • Alpha waves (8-12Hz) predominate when you are relaxed, calm, before you awake in the early morning and in a meditative state.
  • Beta and Gamma waves (12-100Hz) are the "alert" frequencies.

Beta frequencies, 12 to 14 Hz, are “normal” predominant rhythms that occur during concentration.

Frequencies above 15 Hz occur especially when agitated or fearful and are required for human survival. They have some physiological benefits, but excessive exposure to these higher brain frequencies can cause stress related health effects including poor sleep and increased production of stress hormones like cortisol.

If you are stuck in a mid to high-Beta or Gamma brain state then you cannot sleep and you cannot heal or maintain hormonal homeostasis.

EMFs can cause deleterious brain-wave entrainment

Entrainment occurs when our mind-body state locks into the rhythm of an external oscillator.

Humans and animals have evolved in natural electromagnetic fields which are required for proper psychological, neurological and physical performance.

We were meant to be relaxed with natural-magnetic-fields being the pacer, but increasingly we are not because these natural fields have been lost beneath the higher amplitude of man made high frequency fields.

As soon as a higher amplitude frequency is introduced, the biological organism will attempt to entrain (tune) itself to this ‘louder’ signal, this is a phenomenon which is called FFR or the Brain’s Frequency Following Response.

Trying to keep the brain functioning in relaxed 0,5-12 Hz frequencies we are bombarded by 50 – 60 Hz and higher harmonics  247/7, coming from alternating current (AC) powerlines, fluorescent and energy saving lamps, adapters, TVs, computers and various electronic devices plus million to billions of Hz from wireless high frequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and cell phone masts, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), cordless phones and their bases (DECT), TV and radio broadcasting antennas, wireless alarm systems, fire detection and temperature control systems, radio networks for police, private security companies, transport companies, taxis, baby monitors, cordless keyboards, bluetooth, wireless games consoles, WIMAX networks, radars, satellites, the HAARP (= High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), smart electricity meters etc.

Man made electromagnetic fields with their unnatural waveforms & frequencies are now so intense and pervasive that they drown out the Schumann waves and Earth’s natural geo-magnetic field in all but the most remote places.

How to protect yourself from the sleep inhibiting effects of EMFs

Remove – Shield – Cover – That’s it!

Consider what you do when there is a lot of noise in your bedroom:

1. You try to remove the cause of the noise. For example, you turn off the TV or tell the neighbor to shut it off.

2. Try to shield your ears from the noise by using earbuds or your bedroom by using soundproof materials (if there is an outside source you cannot deal with).

3. You try to cover the sound by using “white noise” music.

Use the same ways to protect your sleep from electromagnetic radiation!

1. Remove all EMF sources

  • To reduce your exposure to low frequency electromagnetic radiation, remove all electrical appliances near your bed. Keep in mind that if an electrical device is plugged in (such as the bedside lamps) it will produce an electric field even when not turned on, so we suggest that you unplug them from the wall outlet during the hours of sleep (especially if the cable does not connect to the grounding system of the socket or there is no electrical ground in the socket).
  • To reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, remove or disable all wireless devices from your bedroom(e.g. cordless phones and modems). 
  • Be sure to unplug the smart TV or other smart devices before you sleep, since most of the smart devices continue to emit RF radiation even on standby mode. You can use a remote controlled socket to do this without getting out of bed.
  • Try to reduce your daily screen time and the use of wireless electronic devices, especially near bed time. TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop, game consoles, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches etc. expose the brain to an unprecedented sensory and electromagnetic bombardment, which leads to overstimulation and difficulty in relaxing.
  • Be especially careful with Iphones and ipads. These continue to emit Bluetooth radiation even in Airplane mode, when the Bluetooth antenna has been disabled from the quick menu and not from the settings. Also don’t charge your phone near your bed!
  • View more ways of protection from the various EMF sources here.

2. Shield the EMF sources that cannot be removed

  • Wireless electromagnetic fields that come from cell phone masts (installed in pretty much every neighbourhood), Wi-Fi modems, DECT phones and smart devices from your neighbors etc. can be shielded with innovative EMF shielding materials which reduce radiation by more than 90%.
  • For example; you can shield the walls / ceiling facing the nearby cell phone tower using  EMF shielding paint. Shielding all the walls and ceilings with paint also protects you from the wireless emissions of your neighbors.



  • A practical solution for the bedroom is the shielded bed canopies, which do not allow radiation to penetrate from any direction except from the bottom of the bed (but you can also install shielding fabric below the bed or the mattress).
  • They are a lifetime investment, made by durable materials and you can transfer them if you move or want to use them in another home in your holidays etc.


3. Cover the artificial EMFs with natural magnetic fields

 EarthPulse and Neorythm devices are Brain Wave Entrainment tools which consist of magnets that are placed under your mattress or pillow and emit an extremely low frequency healing magnetic field during your sleep, entraining your brain and covering the harmful man made EMF frequencies.

Brain entrainment was made popular by the binaural beats community with light and sound devices to stimulate the brain.

The goal of brain-wave entertainment/ binaural beats is to favorably affect the electrical activity in the brain via non-invasive external stimuli, thereby beneficially affecting the subject’s frame of mind, to enhanced learning, relaxation, etc.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) is a much stronger, effective and more convenient method of brain wave entrainment, producing cellular effects on a systemic level that other brainwave entrainment modalities cannot achieve.

Magnetic field supplementation compensates for loss of schumann resonance

Just as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids from food are essential biochemical compounds required for healthy survival, so also do our mitochondria require “geomagnetic vitamins” supplied by the Earth’s geomagnetic and Ionospheric (Schumann) fields.

These essential “geomagnetic vitamins” are partially if not fully blocked out by man made EMF. Our neurological system is made up of miles of neuronal tissues.

They act like antennae picking up the entire spectrum of magnetic fields. We were designed to be specifically tuned to Schumann and Earth resonances and we have slowly (unnoticeable) become crippled in the presence of higher frequency electropollution.

EarthPulse™ PEMF devices produce a spectrum of these “geomagnetic vitamins” from very low-Delta to very low-Beta wave frequencies with special attention paid to the mitochondrial 10Hz frequency requirements. Once the hockey puck sized electromagnet is placed between the mattress and box spring, you get an 8 hour ‘dose’ of your geomagnetic vitamins.

“One formerly sleep-deprived editor has now stopped counting sheep and is eternally grateful for the Z’s.” Alternative Medicine Magazine Sept, 2005“

Systemic use for sleep and energy enhancement

If you take your magnetic supplementation for 8 hours every night, according to the inventor of Earthpulse, you can expect:

  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Better focus 
  • Enhanced daytime energy
  • Better aerobic capacity
  • Vastly improved recovery
  • More flexibility
  • Increase in muscular strength and stamina
  • Enhanced mood
  • Shortened reaction time
  • Enhanced hand – eye – motor coordination
  • Enhanced levels of saturated blood & tissue oxygen

Local use for pain management / injury rehabilitation / bone breaks / tendon tear etc.

Use the magnet with the additional Dual-Polarity-Ring on when damaged tissue fits inside of the diameter of the ring, so that the center core is ‘aimed’ directly into the injury.

“EarthPulse - The find of a century... or two” - Dr. David Williams, Magnetically Attractive Healing 

EarthPulse™ PEMF devices and methods are adaptable to just about any situation. The 1000+ PEMF citations contained in this alphabetized-by-disorder PEMF Therapy Research database should be able to guide you to a successful PEMF application.

9.6 Hz – The optimal frequency for recovery and anti-aging

The inventor recommends 9.6 Hz, the frequency that resonates from the Earth's molten core perpendicular to the ground, as the primary use frequency for sleep, recovery and longevity.

Research during 5 decades (much of it in the former Soviet Union) conclusively showed that a 10 Hz field produced the most exceptional healing and tissue regenerating effects in several dozen peer reviewed publications.

“After a few weeks I felt like I’d grown a 3rd lung.” Carl Lanore, Super Human Radio Host

In 2003 NASA discovered that a 10 Hz field for 8 hours per day for 17-21 days resulted in “significant down-regulation of 175 maturation and regulatory genes and up-regulation of 150 genes associated with growth and cellular proliferation.” 8 hours per day sounds a lot like EarthPulse™ PEMF at night!

In 2007 James Tong found 10 Hz tripled nerve synapse energy and doubled mitochondrial density at nerve synapses. 

In 1989 David Hood found 30+ days 10 hours per day 10 Hz stimulation increased two critical enzymes of cell respiration, citrate synthase and cytochrome c oxidase by factors of x3.




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