Wireless Free Ζones in Houses, Hospitals and Hotels? How To Create Them...

Why are areas with zero wireless radiation necessary? Which countries are developing Wireless Free Zones in hospitals, hotels and shelters? Learn how to create an area without radiation in your home or office space?


“(governments should) designate wireless-free zones in cities, in public buildings (schools, hospitals, residential areas) and on public transit, to permit access by persons who are hypersensitive to EMF.” Benevento Resolution, International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety [1]

“(congress should) establish cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings and public spaces; require employers to establish wireless free zones; and mandate the removal of cellular and wireless technologies from public schools and their properties.” ElectromagneticHealth.org petition to the American Congress [2]

How To Shield From Electromagnetic Pollution?

The shielding of an area is achieved by painting the walls and ceilings internally or externally with electromagnetic shielding paint and placing electromagnetic shielding window films or curtains in the windows.

Externally, you can use stainless steel mesh.

Practical solutions for the bedrooms are the shielded bed canopies. They inhibit penetrating radiation from all directions except from the bottom of the bed (but you can also put shielding fabric underneath the bed).

 Electromagnetically Shielding The Areas Where You Spend Most of your day:

  • Gives the body the necessary daily break from continuous exposure to electrosmog
  • Helps you avoid health problems form long-term exposure limits to radiation
  • Protects you from existing and future wireless radiation sources
  • Minimizes the penetration of wireless radiation from all directions

“A major contemporary threat to the health of Society is man-made ‘electrosmog’. This non-ionising electromagnetic pollution of technological origin is particularly insidious, in that it escapes detection by the senses – a circumstance that, in general, tends to promote a rather cavalier attitude, particularly with respect to the necessity of ensuring an adequate degree of personal protection. Yet the nature of the pollution is such that there is literally ‘nowhere to hide”. Dr. Gerard Hyland, Biophysics, University of Warwick, 2 times Nobel Prize contender Medicine [3]


Great Increase of Wireless Radiation Levels In Recent Years...

The current unprecedented levels of high frequency wireless radiation are constantly increasing due to the proliferation of existing sources and the continuous addition of new wireless applications.

Even if you avoid putting wireless devices in your house, you will be more or less exposed to a mixture of high-frequency radiation from:

  • Mobile antennas
  • Broadcasting antennas
  • Amateur radio antennas
  • Wireless modem-router (WI-FI), cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless game consoles, wireless alarm systems, fire detection and control temperature
  • Military radar, airports, ports, meteorological services etc.
  • Radio networks for the police, private security companies, transport companies, taxis etc.
  • WIMAX networks (long range Wi-Fi)
  • Antennas for ministries, embassies, diplomatic missions, the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and Coast Guard, Civil Aviation Authority, etc.
  • Smart meters
  • Many other wireless applications

"Thus in the frequency range 100 kHz to 300 GHz, 50 years ago it was scarcely possible to measure 10 pW/cm2 on the ground in our countries. Today, depending on the location, values one million to one thousand million times higher are recorded because of the explosion of telecommunications. European Parliament Resolution B3-0280/92 [4]

Shielding Your Area Is Highly Recommended:

  • If you have optical contact with cell phone masts or other obvious sources of radio radiation
  • In densely populated areas, especially on the higher floors of buildings
  • In apartment buildings because of the presence of a multitude of wireless phones and wireless internet networks
  • In bedrooms because artificial electromagnetic interference is considered more aggravating the critical hours of sleep

WIRELESSFREEBUILDINGSWireless Free Zones in Hospitals, Spa and Hotels:

  • Upgrade your services and differentiate from the competition by offering areas isolated from electromagnetic pollution, which are essential for a growing proportion of the population.
  • Wireless free zones have already been created in hospitals in Sweden [5] to treat sensitive to electromagnetic radiation patients
  • Locations in France (Drôme) and Italy (Vena del Gesso) have been declared shelters for people sensitive to radiation [6].
  • Cities such as Slocan Valley Canada, create respective zones to attract new residents and tourists [7]


Other Applications of Electromagnetic Shielding:

  • Protection of sensitive electromagnetic interference equipment in laboratories, hospitals, diagnostic centers, recording studios, etc.
  • Creation of Faraday cage, which is the only measure of protection for electronic devices, cars, etc. during solar storms (have occurred in recent history, causing heavy damage)
  • Preventing data theft from corporate buildings, military installations, etc.

Electromagnetic Shielding = Health Protection

  • Research relates wireless radiation with health effects such as brain cancer, testis, skin, salivary gland, insomnia, depression, male infertility, miscarriages pregnancy, leukemia, etc.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed wireless radiation as "possibly carcinogenic".
  • Pregnant women, children, sick and elderly are considered to be the most vulnerable groups.
  • A growing portion of the population has allergic symptoms at very low exposure levels ("electrohypersensitivity")

"Scientific studies at the cellular level, whole animal level and involving human populations, shows compelling and comprehensive evidence that RF/MW exposure down to very low residential exposure levels, levels which are a minute fraction of present “safety standards”, results in altered brain function, sleep disruption, depression, chronic fatigue, headache, impaired memory and learning, adverse reproductive outcomes including miscarriage, still birth, cot death, prematurely and birth deformities. Many other adverse health effects have been found, predominantly cancer of many organs, especially brain cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and testicular cancer. Studies have also found that RF/MW exposed parents have more children with CNS cancers and other health defects. These effects are consistent with genetic damage caused by RF/MW" Dr. Neil Cherry, Lincoln University in New Zealand [4]

Electromagnetic Shielding = Better Sleep Quality

  • Artificial electromagnetic interference is considered more aggravating during the critical hours of rest.
  • Research indicates that wireless radiation delays sleep and decreases the duration of the deep sleep (REM).
  • At least 3 epidemiological studies have already linked the nearby presence of cell phone masts with sleep problems and depression in the neighboring population.
  • People with insomnia problems have decreased immune response, increased levels of stress hormones, increased susceptibility of cancer, heart attack, diabetes etc.

Electromagnetic Shielding = Protection From Electrohypersensitivity

  • stress17The rapid growth of wireless electromagnetic fields in the cities has been linked to the development of a range of symptoms in a portion of the population, a phenomenon called electrohypersensitivity.
  • The symptoms that occur in some even at very low levels of radiation include: nausea, headaches and migraines, ringing in the ears, pain in bones and muscles, numbness in the face, dry eyes, inability to concentrate, unexplained fatigue, tachycardia, rashes, dryness throat and oral cavity, sinuses swelling etc.
  • Researchers Hallberg and Oberfeld studying the growth rates of the disease, predicted that by 2017, 50% of the population will display allergic reactions to artificial radiation [8]
  • The effect on the lives of people affected is often dramatic, as it is difficult to work and move in public places because of excessive presence of artificial radiation.
  • Electrohypersensitivity is already recognized as a disability in Sweden, where it is considered that it affects 3% of the population (approximately 250,000 people). Great Britain and Canada are moving in the same direction.

More about "the allergy of the 21st Century"..

“Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century. It is imperative health practitioners, governments, schools and parents learn more about it. The human health stakes are significant” Dr. William Rea, former president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine [9]

"Sensitivity to EMF has been given the general name “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” or EHS. It comprises nervous system symptoms like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Whatever its cause, EHS is a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons. Their EMF exposure is generally several orders of magnitude under the limits of internationally accepted standards." World Health Organization [10]

"The European Parliament (…) calls on Member States to follow the example of Sweden and to recognise persons that suffer from electrohypersensitivity as being disabled so as to grant them adequate protection as well as equal opportunities.” European Parliament resolution on the health problems associated with electromagnetic fields (2008/2211) [11]


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